SY Care & Support is a family run business and one of the fastest growing trusted providers of care services

with over 15 years' experience in helping people live the life they want, where they want.
Home Health Care
Often, patients realize that their illness restricts activity in their daily lives, making day to day living too difficult.
Adult Daycare
If home is where you’re happiest, our trained dementia care professionals can give you the support you need to stay there.
Mental Health
At SY Care and Support we have a competent team of Mental Health specialists to cater for the various needs of your love ones.
At Sy-Care & Support we provide the facilities to plan and manage your care needs, to ensure you get the care you deserve and require.

With Love...

We are a family with an inherent desire to care for and support individuals who are deemed incapable of supporting themselves. This desire was passed down from our mother who compassionately did such all her life and whose legacy we want to preserve for future generations to come.

Now, having the resources and the experience we have come together to put this into action on a larger, more comprehensive and organised way. We strongly believe that people have a right to individuality with free and full self expression even with the support of others; no matter their social, economic, religious or physical disposition.

Our aim is to build on that train of thought in collaboration with care teams, social services and other stakeholders to bring meaning and a brighter future to people in various communities around the World.


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