Home Care Services


Providing ways to help you live life your way, in your own home.

Often, patients realize that their illness restricts activity in their daily lives, making living alone too difficult. They want to improve their circumstances and stay in the comfort of home, but prefer not to become a burden to their family. Many find hope with SY Care & Support. SYCS has more than a decade of experience providing long-term, continuous care to patients, providing home healthcare, sitter and companion service to those in need and ensuring continuity of care within the familiar surroundings of home. In keeping with the exemplary standards of the homecare industry, all of SYCS’s offices that provide skilled medical care are licensed, as required and accredited.

Additionally, SYCS’s dedicated home healthcare staff is fully screened and credentialed, and has experience providing care for adult, and senior patients with a variety of ailments. SYCS ensures necessary home health, sitter, and companion services are provided for the entire time they are needed, and requires that home caregivers are available to assist you 24/7.

Dementia Care
If home is where you’re happiest, our trained dementia care profes
Respite Care
Every carer needs to take a break now and again. Whether it’s for an a
Companion Care
Providing anything from company and friendship to assistance with person
Live-in Care
For many people, staying in comfortable and familiar surroundings is pre
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